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Bring Me The Horizon – There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Lets Keep It A Secret

The UK has a lot to answer for with its mainstream rock/metal talent, but then again, the UK has a lot to answer for with regards to many other things. The long list of reprobates include the likes of Amy Winehouse, footballers and their unexplainable wage demands and politicians expensing everything from their second homes […]

Bring Me the Horizon – This is what the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For EP

So, in light of Earache recently re-releasing the hugely hyped yet stunningly average debut, Count Your Blessings, from this suddenly popular Yorkshire men, Earache have re-issued the debut EP (both originally released on 30 Days of Night and Visible Music respectively) that got the band signed to Earache in the first place. Yup, I smell […]

Bring Me the Horizon – Count Your Blessings

I want to hate Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon so bad it hurts. I want to hate them because of their awful emo, teenage looks and comb-overs. I want to hate them because they sell girly T’s on their website. I want to hate them because of their cryptic non metal album cover. I want […]