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Chaos Invocation – In Bloodline with the Snake

I can tolerate terrible bands and terrible albums. If your are bad, your are just bad. But if there’s one thing I can’t stand it blatant mediocrity- a borderline musical safety net and status quo that’s just ‘there’ despite talent. And Germany’s Chaos Invocation is such a band. It irks me even more so when […]

Cyaegha – Steps of Descent

With 2008s watershed of superb, high profile releases, a number of lower profile but still excellent releases from the likes of Mitochondrion, Hour Of Penance, Celebrant, Battalion, Hackneyed and Virginia’s H.P Lovecraft obsessed act Cyaegha got somewhat overlooked. For a debut, Steps of Descent is a confident, under the radar entry into technical death metal, […]