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Cataract- Cataract

Swiss Straight edge hardcore act Cataract return with their fifth album of burly, chugging metallic hardcore that won’t really make much of an impact on the genre, but is a sturdy release none the less. However, as when the band changed things up from Martyr’s Melodies to With Triumph Comes Loss from melodic metalcore to […]

Cataract – Kingdom

Swiss tough guys (that sounds like such an oxymoron) Cataract return with the follow up to the burly With Triumph Comes Loss which saw the straight edge band forsake their melodic metalcore sound in favor of a more in your face chugging hardcore stance, and it continues competently if unimaginatively on Kingdom. The recipe is […]

Cataract – With Triumph Comes Loss

I am certain that up until this point in time, I would never, ever consider using the words ‘tough’ and ‘Swiss’ in the same sentence, but the latest burly offering from Switzerland’s Cataract has prompted the impossible. After the solid but more metalcore laced Great Days of Vengeance album and Martyr’s Melodies EP, Swiss straightedge […]