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Cobra Noir – Barricades

Yeah I know this came out 2 years ago, but as mush as I enjoyed 2005s Abode of the Dead I thought I’d give this some props. Plus, I’m not responsible for when stuff arrives in my mailbox, OK Either way, this slab of crusty, earthy Canadian hardcore with members of In Dying Days, The […]

Cobra Noir – Abode of the Dead

Filthy, bristling, dirty, crusty punk/hardcore/death ‘n’ roll from Canada with hooded members of In Dying Days, Ire, The Black Hand, Cobra Noir is a no brainer for fans of Cursed. I’ll get straight to it kids; After two venomous but rather predictable tracks “Lazarus” and “The Treatment”, Cobra Noir delivers the thunderously rocking “Eucharist”, a […]