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Lunar Aurora – Hoagascht

I distinctly remember getting introduced to Lunar Aurora from a Belgian friend back in 1996 and I have anticipated each and every release since. The number of bands that I have been listening to continuously for fifteen years or more and still looking forward to new material is a rather small list, usually I end […]

Battle Dagorath – Eternal Throne

The first thing that grabs you with Battle Dagorath is the Christophe Szpajdel  logo. Next is the fact that they fail from California. Sure they have mountains out there but not really the land of Cosmic Frozen Landscapes. Another notable tidbit, at least for us Vinterriket fans, is that Christoph Ziegler is the keyboardist. Eternal […]

Trist – Willenskraft

Give yourself over to space. Aran of Lunar Aurora fame formed Trist back in 2000 as a side project but like most people I never ran across any of his recordings until much later. His first album was released in only 500 copies. Being a long time Lunar Aurora fan I like to see what […]

Mortuus Infradaemoni – Imis Avernis

Long songs, ambient heaviness with percussive power and speed, relentless punishment with crushing guitar lines that would please vintage Metallica fans, and wandering passages at full intensity reminiscent of Lunar Aurora greet the listener of Germany’s Mortuus Infradaemoni, who return with another hour of material for their second full length. Get Nathaniel, and Profanatitas together, […]