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Mordbrand – Imago

After a tasty little debut EP back in 2011 and a few splits and subsequent EPs, former God Macabre front man per Boder  has finally released a full length album from Mordbrand, a dusty, d beat driven old school Swedish death metal return, and it’s a ripping little release. While certainly old school and Swedish, […]

Morbid Execution – Vulgar Darkness

An album title like ”Vulgar Darkness” doesn’t BS about how it’s gonna sound. And for damned sure, those seven cuts on Morbid Execution‘s first, brief full-length literally spike up my morning coffee with a certain pinch of whiskey. Those Polish dudes evidently primarily hail from a punk background, and strong Motorhead worship. Throw in a […]

King – Forged By Satan’s Doctrine

There’s an old adage that states ‘never judge a book by its cover’, and that applies aptly in the case of the debut album from Columbia’s King. Based on the Dark Funeral reject cover art, song titles like “Non laughter – Zero Fucking Happiness” and “Kill the Posers Like Fucking Christians” as well as the […]

Nocturnal Torment – They Come at Night

You’ll have to forgive Indiana’s Nocturnal Torment for their horrendous 90s CG cover art, logo and moniker. You see, they actually formed in 1988 and up to now only had one 2009 demo to show for it. However, seeing as 1/2 of the band released some quality Swedish styled death metal via the underrated Invasion, […]

Mordbrand – Necropsychotic EP

When I first got this EP for review, I wasn’t overly excited; rather uninspiring band name, silly EP title, from a label known for brutal death metal. Then I discover that the vocalist and founder of Mordbrand is non other than Per Boder. Yes, the same Per Boder who formed the short lived  God Macabre. […]

Blaspherian – Infernal Warriors of Death

I’ve not really been a huge fan of the current Incantation worship movement in US death metal. Partially because I was never an Incantation fan in the first place and secondly the current Swedish death metal worship movement is much more entertaining to me. However, the debut full length from Houston’s Blaspherian has got my […]

Abominant – Conquest

I’ll admit, this surprised the shit out of me. Hailing from Kentucky and with a pretty solid discography behind them, I was expecting the usual US goregrind but instead got some fairly solid melodic black/death war metal with a distinct European lean and even some black thrash tendencies. Although not super tight or crisp and […]

Abominant – Upon Black Horizons

I wish I were in New Orleans, out on the veranda of a garden apartment on Carondelet, sipping a Pim’s Cup and reading Nabokov and blasting mosquitoes out of the air with Television’s amazing “Marquee Moon” album. (If you call yourself interested in guitar music and aren’t familiar with “Marquee Moon,” you’re simply a cock. […]

Abominant – Ungodly

Let’s be honest, shall we? When one thinks of death metal, the state of Kentucky doesn’t automatically spring to mind. Well, Abominant is out to change that with its indie release Ungodly. Abominant plays a mix of early 90’s death metal with black metal tendencies. Lot’s of guitar harmonies, blast beats, old-school metal rhythms and […]