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Drug Honkey – Ghost in the Fire

You know those anti-meth PSA posters where they show a normal person and their progression each month as they become addicted to meth? Well, one listen to Drug Honkey‘s fourth album might result in the same, tooth rotting, skin itching, hair losing, gaunt results. In fact, Drug Honkey might be onto a new sub genre of […]

Dead, The – Ritual Executions

Originally self released back in 2009, the reissue of this Aussie trio’s second full-length CD comes to us thanks to the fine folks responsible for Diabolical Conquest ‘zine (so, whose up for Teeth of the Divine records?), and it does much the same their 2007 self-titled debut did: Old school, simple death metal with a […]

Drug Honkey – Death Dub

Drug Honkey; that name is just so right on so many levels. Perhaps we shouldn’t even delve into the specifics of those levels and instead focus on Death Dub, a series of brain-warping hits from the world’s acidic blotter. There is doom, there is death/doom, there is experimental/death/doom, and then there is this. Experimentally wandering […]