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Dead, The – Deathsteps to Oblivion

Man, this is evil stuff.  It’s not fast, it’s actually quite melodic but I’ll be goddamned if this shit doesn’t get by on sheer tonnage alone.  The Dead hail from Australia, a country/continent with a rich heavy scene that doesn’t always get the credit it so rightly deserves.  I’m coming into this review as an […]

Dead, The – Ritual Executions

Originally self released back in 2009, the reissue of this Aussie trio’s second full-length CD comes to us thanks to the fine folks responsible for Diabolical Conquest ‘zine (so, whose up for Teeth of the Divine records?), and it does much the same their 2007 self-titled debut did: Old school, simple death metal with a […]

Interview with The Dead

You mean The Dead consists of three Australian musicians of the extreme whose neural pathways were warped in some internal fire of the mind, resulting in a sludgified, space truckin’ and head trippin’ terror march through death metal inhabited worm holes…or some shit like that? How absolutely shocking.

Dead, The – The Dead

The Dead are a death metal outfit that comes to us from Australia.  This is a very short album with 9 songs in 29 minutes. If you are looking for something new and exciting then skip this one.  To be honest I’m really not into this one at all as it slavishly obeys all of […]