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Evocation – The Shadow Archetype

It’s been 5 years since Sweden’s Evocation released Illusions of Grandeur in 2012, and frankly I thought the band was done. After transitioning from a  pure, mid range, Swedish death metal band akin to their Cemetery/90s roots, to a more melodeath/Amon Amarth-ish styled band the band has returned with only 3 remaining members from Illusions of Grandeur, […]

Evocation – Apocalyptic

Buried under 2010’s avalanche of Old School Swedish death metal awesomeness―from the likes of Entrails, Interment, Nominon and Brutally Deceased―was the third effort from Sweden’s  Evocation. Like Entrails, Evocation were actually around in the early ’90s, and included members from the relatively successful Cemetery, but never quite took off until their resurrection with 2007’s excellent […]

Evocation – Tales From the Tomb

I think few would disagree that during the golden era of early 90’s death metal, in the Swedish/Stockholm scene, that the influence and legacy of the big four; Entombed, Dismember, Grave and Unleashed is undeniable. However, there was a second tier of talented bands that for any number of reasons (lack of promotion, style change, […]