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Feral – Where Dead Dreams Dwell

So largely, this album , along with Morbid Vomit‘s Return to the Crypts and Cult of Endtime‘s In Charnel Lights,  and Abscession’s, Grave Offerings are responsible for my relative lack of enthusiasm for Entrails‘ Obliteration. And to be fair, Obliteration is still pretty good, but its safe sound along with these other albums really tempered […]

Revel in Flesh – Death Kult Legions

In their relatively short existence, Germany’s Revel in Flesh have returned with their third album in 3 years. Revel in Flesh play a brutal form of old school death metal rooted in the late 80’s Swedish death metal scene, as well as Bolt Thrower-ish moments of rumbling and teutonic heaviness. Deathevokation from 2012 and Manifested […]

Puteraeon – The Crawling Chaos

Despite being a mid level Swedish super group of sorts featuring former and current members of the likes of Nominon, Just Before Dawn and Killaman, Puteraeon have never really registered with me. I have a vague recollection of their 2011 debut, The Esoteric Order, but I neither own it or really remember much about it, […]

Winter of Sin – Violence Reigns Supreme

Despite being around since 1998 and having three fairly obscure releases under their belt, I’m pretty confident in stating that I doubt The Netherlands’ Winter of Sin was on many folks radars for the that time and those releases. Heck, I had never heard of them until now, and I’m sure a lot more folks will be […]

Saturnus – Saturn in Ascension

Denmark’s Saturnus may not be one of doom metal’s most prolific bands with only four full-lengths and one EP over their roughly 20-year existence, but they have remained one of the most consistent and revered. Instead if cashing in on their uncanny talent for writing catchy tunes (just try listening to “Christ Goodbye” or “Empty […]

December Flower – When All Life Ends…

A common idiom states: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” something December Flower (taken from the In Flames song of the same name) has taken to heart with In Flames, Eucharist and Dark Tranquillity; at least their earlier forms from the mid-90s. This German quintet, made up of former members of Chronicles of Tyrants, […]

Demiurg – Slakthus Gamleby

Gamleby – the town in Sweden in which Demiurg hail from. Slakthus – slaughterhouse. An apt title for such a death metal juggernaut of an album. Their third, Slakthus Gamleby really knocked me on my ass. I couldn’t place it at first – why it reminded me so much of Edge of Sanity, one of […]

Solstice – Lamentations, Halcyon EP, New Dark Age Re-issues

So back in 1998, one of my many blind purchases back then was New Dark Age, by this Bradford, England classic doom act. Of course, at the time I was all about death metal and because of ‘England’ and ‘doom’ was fully expecting something akin to Paradise Lost, Anathema or My Dying Bride. Of course, […]

Demonical – Servants of the Unlight

From the label that brought us arguably my favourite Stockholm Death metal album of the last few years (Evocation’s Tales From the Tomb)comes the debut from Sweden’s Demonical, and featuring basically most of the productive but now defunct Centinex line up (As well as current Grave drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl), there no secrets as to the […]

Evocation – Tales From the Tomb

I think few would disagree that during the golden era of early 90’s death metal, in the Swedish/Stockholm scene, that the influence and legacy of the big four; Entombed, Dismember, Grave and Unleashed is undeniable. However, there was a second tier of talented bands that for any number of reasons (lack of promotion, style change, […]