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Number 12 Looks Like You, The – Worse Than Alone

Quite frankly, I’ve grown away from TN12LLY since their killer debut EP, Put on Your Rosy Red Glasses, as the band through Sad. Nuclear. Sad and 2007s Mongrel have become progressively (literally) more quirky and experimental, dropping almost all of their feral brutality and grinding mathcore/deathcore fury in favor of melody, spazzy experimentation and far […]

Number 12 Looks Like You, The – Mongrel

While I really enjoyed this bands debut EP, Put On Your Rosy Red Glasses, my excitement for this lot has generally waned with each release. And with the band still languishing on a relatively minor metal label while countless other similar bands get snatched up by some of the ‘bigger’ labels, it seems to indicate […]