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Evil Incarnate-Lucifer’s Crown

Evil Incarnate, from Illinois, has been around, since the 90’s, therefore it should come as no surprise that their brand of extreme music is rooted in that era of death metal.  If you enjoy old-school bands like Vital Remains, Deicide, etc….their early efforts, or if you are just looking for some blasphemous old school death […]

Krigere Wulf – Sacrifice to Valaskjàlf

In this time of progressive experimental and genre/boundary pushing music, there’s is something to said for some straightforward, blasting black metal in the vein of the classic 90s Scandinavian style. Even is said release is Italian,, on a Korean label and over an year old. Sicily’s Krigere Wolf have one other release under their belt, […]

Elffor – Buruzagi ilunaren bilduma

New to me, Elffor is the long running side project of a Spaniard by the name of Eöl, who also plays keyboardist in Numen and Suffering Dawn. He has been releasing albums since 1998, and this expansive 2 disc compilation from South Korea’s Fallen Angels Productions covers all 6 albums and throws in a couple of […]

Wendigo – Anthropophagist

So South Korea’s Fallen Angel’s productions has been around since 2010, and based on my recent package from them, they have a pretty distinct niche for international, simple, middle ground, lo fi black metal (Pest, Elffor, Dark Plague, Kvalvaag, Skoll, Krigerewolf, Catacumba) and even some home grown nihilism (Taekaury), but one of the bands more recent releases, […]