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Falloch – This Island, Our Funeral

The debut Where Distant Spirits Remain, from Glasgow’s Falloch was an interesting post rock/black metal/grey metal opus with Agalloch-ian hues. However it was the work of a duo, Andy Marshall and Scott Mclean, and Marshall since left the band (creating more atmospheric black/Celtic metal with Saor, which I highly recommend) leaving McLean to rebuild, and rebuild he has […]

Falloch – Where Distant Spirits Remain

Now this one is definitely interesting. As someone who tends much more towards the death/extreme end of metal, I signed up for this one having no idea what to expect. Based on what I have read, this band falls under the post-black/folk/shoegaze brand of metal. Being unfamiliar with this genre I have no comparisons off […]

FALLOCH: Post-Black Metal Duo To Release Debut Via Candlelight Records

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, the duo known as FALLOCH are a growing glimmer on the atmospheric, post-black metal horizon. Andy Marshall and Scott McLean united out of a desire to create music that conveys atmosphere and emotion utilizing an expansive backdrop of styles and sounds. Metal, post-rock, folk, with minimalist composers Yann Tiersen, and Arvo Part all factor […]

Candlelight Records Signs Scotland’s FALLOCH

Candlelight Records confirms the worldwide signing of FALLOCH. Andy Marshall and Scott McLean joined their talents together only a year ago but have already found a curious and growing audience. The band, who combine a wide variety of styles including metal, post-rock and folk, are completing details for their debut album, Where Distant Spirits Remain, […]