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COLOSSEUM singer Juhani Palomäki found dead

Finnish doom metal outfit COLOSSEUM has decided to disband, after vocalist Juhani Palomäki was found dead last weekend (May 15th, 2010). The singer, who also sung in Yearning, was 32 years old. Palomäki’s death was confirmed on the band’s official website: “We have lost a brilliant musician and a true friend, who will be greatly […]

Throes of Dawn – The Great Fleet of Echoes

This Finnish outfit turned some heads with their 2002 release Binding of the Spirit. Mixing a heavy dose of synth-laced melodic black and gothic metal, Throes of Dawn seemed to be the underground band to watch. In 2005, Quicksilver Cloud arrived, and though the black metal aspects were still present, a thicker, gothic atmosphere drenched […]

Kauan – Aava Tuulen Maa

Now here’s something you don’t hear every day. A Russian guy from Chelyabinsk doing a mixture of ambient-natured neo-folk on top of a post-rock foundation (think of Tenhi’s most ‘rocking’ songs.) And the best of all, it’s all in Finnish! Needless to say, I was skeptical. I was more than skeptical. In fact, when I […]

SaraLee – Damnation to Salvation

I have enjoyed beating myself senseless over the years with the more extreme elements of metal music, but every now and then I do enjoy the more melodic avenues of the genre. Jyvaskyla, Finland’s SaraLee are new to me, but I am enjoying this band’s sophomore release, Damnation to Salvation. SaraLee play a very familiar […]

Pantheist – Journey Through Lands Unknown

The fact the third full length album from one of Funeral dooms best bands and one of my favorite personal bands came out late last year and I’m just now getting to it should give you a red flag as to what is about to follow. After two absolutely stunning funeral doom albums in O […]

Forest of Shadows – Six Waves of Woe

Surviving in the underground for over ten years, one-man entity Forest of Shadows has delivered some honest and passionate work. The sentimental value of Nicals Frohagen’s music is undeniable and this sophomore release continues his intimate path. Forest of Shadows is a dark/doom metal project. Fans of meaningful music such as Novembre, Swallow the Sun, […]

Mar De Grises – Draining The Waterheart

Chilean Gothic Doom Metal. This is the simplest, most concise description of Mar De Grises’ (Sea Of Gray) music. All the requisite elements are present to warrant this description as well. Within the 64 minute release, we find plenty of slow tempos, sad, depressing melodies, Death Metal vocals & an overall darkly romantic vibe. Now, […]

Dark The Suns – In Darkness Comes Beauty

Quickly climbing the ladder as one of the day’s top dark metal labels, Finland’s Firebox has been dishing out quality releases for the past few years. A good percentage of today’s depressive material is from this particular label and honestly along with Candlelight, they seem to be the two top contestants at the moment. So, […]

Fall of the Leafe – Aerolithe

In my humble opinion, Fall of the Leafe are one of metal’s underappreciated gems, even with the slight misstep of Volvere, Fermina and Vantage remain two of the best unheard album in the dark rock, Goth rock, hard rock genre (and their early work remains some of the best Goth/death metal around). And while most […]

Dauntless – Execute the Fact

Dauntless are a Helsinki, Finland based band that find their beginnings as far back as 1991. Since that time, they have gone through a few member change ups, and have recorded no less than seven demos, passing shitty record deal after shitty record deal along the way. In 2006, the band finally scored with Firebox […]

Misery Inc. – Random End

I hate to gush about a potential record of the year so early in 2006, especially with albums from In Flames, Eyes of Fire, Thryfing, Bal-Sagoth and Skinless lurking on the horizon, buts it’s not just the sheer quality of Misery Inc’s sophomore effort, Random End that impresses me, it’s compressed by the fact it’s […]

Total Devastation – Reclusion

More fine non-doom form Firebox, and upon immediate listens, Finland’s aptly titled Total Devastation reminded me of The Amenta and Scarve with their intensely ballistic take on cybernetic metal, although not quite as blackened. Of course Reclusion boasts a massive production (courtesy of Finnvox) and has the usual injections of cyber samples and programming, but […]

Woods of Belial – Deimos XIII

Woods of Belial is a Finnish “industrialized black doom” band, borrowing from such acts as Skepticism and Abruptum and Darkthrone. They have been around since 1996, started recording Deimos XIII in 2000, and finished it in 2003. This is their first album, following two demos, and three labels. Firebox claims this to be “51 minutes […]