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Firewind – Few Against Many

While Gus G’s debut with Ozzy Osbourne was a pretty disappointing mess, with Gus as primarily a hired gun playing other people’s riffs, his other outfit, Firewind, has yet to disappoint. It’s not that they do anything out of the ordinary or innovative in the power metal world. It’s just that they do what they […]

Firewind – Days of Defiance

Firewind has long been one of the steadiest, most reliable acts in the power metal genre. Despite guitarist Gus G.’s newfound stardom as Ozzy Osbourne’s latest guitarist, nothing has changed on the band’s latest record Days of Defiance. The record comes blazing out of the gates with “Ark of Lies,” a tune that has everything […]

Firewind – The Premonition

Despite a rotating cast of musicians, no one in the melodic/power metal realms has produced more consistent records over the past several years than Firewind. Their latest record, The Premonition, is the second record for Century Media and the second with the same lineup, a first in the band’s history. While it doesn’t bring any […]

Firewind Posts New Video For “Mercenary Man” Online

Firewind Posts New Video For “Mercenary Man” Online The Greek metal phenomenon Firewind, led by the young guitar sensation Gus G. (ex-Dream Evil, Nightrage, Mystic Prophecy, Arch Enemy), has returned with The Premonition, which is easily their defining moment. The much anticipated offering is now available and a captivating new video for the stunning track, […]