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Divine Heresy – Bringer of Plagues

Bringer of Plagues is the second album from Dino Cazeres’ post Fear Factory (though it appears he’s back in the fold with BC Bell) baby Divine Heresy, and it’s basically more of the same, though now fronted by Travis Neal of The Bereaved, who replaced original screamer/crooner Tommy “Vext” Cummings last year after a rather […]

Firewind Posts New Video For “Mercenary Man” Online

Firewind Posts New Video For “Mercenary Man” Online The Greek metal phenomenon Firewind, led by the young guitar sensation Gus G. (ex-Dream Evil, Nightrage, Mystic Prophecy, Arch Enemy), has returned with The Premonition, which is easily their defining moment. The much anticipated offering is now available and a captivating new video for the stunning track, […]

Divine Heresy – Bleed the Fifth

Surely there were a lot of disappointed Fear Factory fans out there when the band broke up a few years back and reformed several months later without guitarist and co-founder Dino Cazeres in the fold. Their next album, Archetype however was very promising, standing among the bands finest work, though the follow up, Transgression, was […]