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Interview with Fist In Fetus

Fist in Fetus’ 2007 EP release was one of the most inspired – and inspiring – discoveries I’ve heard all year (credit goes to intrepid TOTD bloodhound Cynicgods for finding it). You’ve heard symphonic elements woven into metal dozens of times by now, but they’ve rarely been this modern or unconventional. And it’s never taken the form of soaring power metal crossbred with screaming, spastic grind. Or delivered by an unlikely team of musicians – classically trained Perttu Vänskä and new Stratovarius guitarist (and Finnish Guitar Idol 2008) Matias Kupiainen.

Fist in Fetus – Fist in Fetus EP

Just from the name alone, you’d think that this has gotta be death/grind of some sort, with sickening vocals and a blistering, violent approach to songwriting. But you’d only be half right, since this new (unsigned) act smashes together death metal and classical music in a way that no one has really done before. Surprising […]