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Recueil Morbide – Morbid Collection

Here is another example of how great French Death Metal bands are. Recueil Morbide, which translates to English to ‘Morbid Collection’ blast their ways into toad throat lovers everywhere this year with the release of their album which just happens to be called Morbid Collection.  If there were any initial knock on this record it […]

Mercyless – Abject Offerings (Reissue)

After the success of Death, notably Leprosy and Spiritual Healing, a number of European clones also became successful in the early ’90s. England had Cancer, Germany had Morgoth, The Netherlands had Pestilence and Asphyx, but France’s scene lagged behind a bit comparatively speaking, really only offering Massacra, Loudblast and Agressor until Mercyless entered the fray in pretty spectacular fashion in […]

Arcania – Sweet Angel Dust

Sweet Angel Dust is the first full length in twelve years of existence from French band Arcania. While I have no idea why it took them over a decade to produce a single full length, I do know it’s pretty damn good. Arcania play a mostly modern style of thrash, infused with bits of melody […]