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Family feud at Jurassic Park

A confusing battle over intellectual property rights and trademark has left the Finnish heavy metal scene in tearful turmoil. Hevisaurus―the gold- and platinum record selling heavy metal band―has fallen into a limbo after the negotiations between self-proclaimed originator Mirka Rantanen and the group’s original label, Sony Music came to a halt. Primal rage inducing legal battles are ongoing and no doubt, more are firing up as the band’s GWAR-meets-Barney outfits were confiscated, grinding the performers’ tour plans to a halt.

HEVISAURUS to shake the earth… on tour!

Jurassic heavy metal outfit, Hevisaurus says a collective ‘fuck you’ to John Hammond as they pack their bags and head out into the world. To tour. Despite the fact that John might actually be dead… can’t remember as I can’t figure out if I’ve seen the last few Jurassic Park movies… Anyway, what comes as […]