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Impending Doom – There will be Violence

Like their label brethren, A Plea for Purging, Impending Doom are at that “difficult stage,” in their existence―namely that all important third album―which, as stressed in the APFP review, can be the first step to greatness or to decline. The progression on There will be Violence, is in ways similar to that of The Marriage […]

Impending Doom – The Serpent Servant

With 2007s debut, Nailed. Dead. Risen, California’s Impending Doom rustled some feathers and raised some eyebrows with their attempt at  pure, brutal death metal from a Christian viewpoint. On some levels it succeeded, but it also felt a bit forced and gimmicky. So here is the follow up, and I’m glad to say, that for […]

Impending Doom – Nailed. Dead. Risen.

Uh oh. I think this one is going to ruffle a few feathers. Christian metal has slowly but surely elbowing it’s way into extreme metal, but with little success. From the early defining works of Believer to the more modern, often core based sounds of today like Becoming the Archtype and Extol, the Christians have […]