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Nofuck – Existenzminimum

Yeah I know – what a silly band name. A name like that makes me want to skip right over an album, but as I’ve learned in the past, a name does not necessarily make the band. A perfect example of this is Rumpelstiltskin Grinder. Anyway, here we have the debut full length, Existenzminimum (an […]

Cryogen – Psalms of Deceit

Cryogen’s last release, This Nightmare EP, was one of the first I reviewed for this site, back when it was still Digital Metal. In the two years since, not much has changed in the camp musically – they still play a slightly Americanized brand of melodic death metal, drawing influence from In Flames and the […]

Midnight Idols – Nightrulers

It may not be fair, but when I see song titles like “Nymphonomicon” and “Kockstruck,” I tend to develop an opinion on the band before I even hear the music. Unfortunately, what Midnight Idols deliver isn’t all that far from the idea that I had.This is pure, adolescent garage metal. The band rips off the […]