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Khors – Mysticism (Reissue)

Ukraine’s Khors have consistently refined their songcraft with each new release since their 2005 debut, something not many bands can sustain over the course of five albums. Their latest, 2012’s Wisdom of Centuries, may have suffered from some overall flow and filler issues, but it still contained some of their strongest songs and, furthermore, some […]

Khors – Wisdom of Centuries

Eastern Europe has produced some excellent pagan black metal bands over the last decade or more, the most well-known being Drudkh, Negura Bunget and Nokturnal Mortum. Yet there are undoubtedly dozens of other quality, uniquely Eastern acts still sheltered by those untravelled hills and forests. Ukraine’s Khors is one of those treasures. Wisdom of Centuries is their […]

Khors – Mysticism

Being a Hate Forest, Astrofaes, Nokturnal Mortum, Lucifugum, fan made it an obvious leap to Khors. Mysticism is now the third Khors album I have been on board for, and as it turns out, they have only three albums released. Even though band members are shared with the above mentioned bands as well as Runes […]

Khors sign with Paragon Records

Paragon Records are proud to announce the signing of Ukrainian Dark Metal band Khors. Formed by former Astrofaes bassist, Khorus, and later joined by Helg (Runes Of Dianecht) and Khaoth (Tessaract, ex-Astrofaes, ex-Hate Forest), Khors play Black Metal in the Ukrainian style, that combines a somber atmosphere together with rich melodies. Since their formation, Khors […]