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King of Asgard – …To North

If my memory doesn’t fail me, I was a pretty damned vocal fan of King of Asgard‘s even before they signed on to Metal Blade. They made an extremely impactful entrance in the industry with their first record, and were quick to establish themselves as one of the modern driving forces of the Viking metal […]

King of Asgard – Fi’mbulvintr

There must be some legal wrangling going on between Rikard Martinsson and his former band mates from Mithotyn, because the debut (Fi’mbulvintr) from Sweden’s King of Asgard―which features ex-Mithotyn/Falconer members Karl Beckmann and Karsten Larsson (with Stefan Weinerhall providing some lyrics)―is basically a Mithotyn album without the band name. Or Rikard for that matter. Not […]