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Walking Dead Orchestra, The – Architects of Destruction

It’s been a pretty down year for deathcore, with few good releases coming out that really struck a chord with me (Joe Deathcore Hater: dude there’s NEVER been a good year for deathcore!  Deathcore sucks!  Well, this review wasn’t written for you JDH, so pour some cold water down your pants and go fire up […]

Pictured – The Strand of Time

Remember in the late 90s when In Flames and Dark Tranquility were exploding? When Children of Bodom were fresh and awesome and young energetic, but short lived melodic death metal bands like Lothlorien, Auberon, Ebony Tears, Embracing, and Eucharist were releasing killer albums? Well, if you long for those days of bouncy, busy, solo filled, […]