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Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister, 1945-2015

The thing that seemed most impossible, has happened, and with great sadness we bow our heads at the news that Lemmy’s life long tour has finally come to a close. Just two days after his birthday on December 26th, Lemmy was diagnosed with cancer and two days from there, the man, the myth and the living legend had passed away. Another metal and rock’n’roll icon, taken, but whose music and uncompromising attitude will forever live on.

We here at Teeth give our condolences and utmost respect to the family and friends of Lemmy and our gratitude for his direct and impactful involvement in shaping the music that has gotten many of us through the challenges that life has thrown at us.

Raise a toast, drink some more, blast a few tunes and celebrate all the good times. Even in death, the man will not die.

Thank you, Lemmy.

Born to lose, live to win.