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System Shock – Escape

Hailing from Sweden, System Shock play melodic death metal not too far removed from anything you’ve heard before. Later day Dark Tranquillity serves as a loose template of what System shock plays. Add more emphasis on the use of keys in most places, a strong sense of accessibility, a vocalist more comparable to Amon Amarth’s […]

Kyrbgrinder – Defiance

I’ve got a soft spot for bands that try to blend funk and soul with metal, and I’ve also got a soft spot for power trios, so I was really pulling for Kyrbgrinder when I popped this record in. In truth, it’s not as good as I hoped, but neither is it disappointing. It’s a […]

Hyades – And the Worst is Yet to Come

Another retro thrash act, and yet another positive review. Italy’s Hyades have been doing it longer than most (if not all) of the recent wave of retro acts, their beginnings traceable as far back as 1996, though their lineup didn’t stabilize until 2003. Another two years went by until the release of their debut LP, […]

Rise to Addiction – A New Shade of Black for the Soul

The Mausoleum debut of U.K. band Rise to Addiction, produced by Andy Sneap, has all the hallmarks of a band on the edge of great success. It has guitar riffs that are heavy enough to get the attention of metalheads and hooks that are big enough to stick in the head of mainstream rock fans. […]