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Miseration offer tour and album update

Christian Älvestam from Swedish Death Metal monsters MISERATION checking in: We are set to enter the Panic-Room studios late June, once again with producer Tomas “Plec” Johansson at the helm, to record the follow-up to our debut album “Your Demons – Their Angels“. The new album, entitled “The Mirroring Shadow“, will most likely include eight […]

Miseration – Your Demons, Their Angels

I’ve come to the conclusion that melodic death metal is not dead – far from it. Yes, it is extremely over-saturated, what with everyone and their brother doing some sort of Gothenburg inspired band, then you have to take into consideration all the American metalcore (and worldwide copycats) bands aping and raping the style, but […]

Miseration Signs with Lifeforce Records

MISERATION is the latest effort from SCAR SYMMETRY Vocalist Christian Älvestam and Jani Stefanovic (Essence of Sorrow, Divinefire), who together perform a fast, brutal and aggressive melodic style of metal, what their homeland Sweden is best known for. LIFEFORCE RECORDS is proud to give the band’s critically acclaimed debut album Your Demons, Their Angels; a […]