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Nazxul – Iconoclast

No matter how long you’ve been into underground metal, it seems there are always bands you’ve missed along the way. I started delving into the scene too late to discover this Australian act’s 1995 debut, Totem, but I’ve since caught up after receiving Iconoclast to review. Totem is worthy of its reputation – an epic, […]

Archgoat – Light Devouring Darkness

Archgoat released the  Angelcunt ep back in 1992 on 12 inch, thanks Necropolis, then promptly disintegrated. One of Finland’s most highly spoken of black bands based on what? vinyl and tape releases? low, low budget primitive black has been done well and not so well, in all honesty Archgoat fits the second category. I’ll acknowledge […]

Ruins – Cauldron

Here’s the thing. You don’t just throw Ruins’ Cauldron in the player and casually listen while baking cookies in the kitchen, nor do you use it as background music for one of your mind-numbing knitting circles. It’s just not that kind of CD. Cauldrons must surround you, it must envelope you; you must ultimately allow […]

Bahimiron – Southern Nihilizm

Bahimiron has two things going for them. They hail from Texas and they play crisp, sharp war black metal. They have been around for a little while but I did not hear them til the As The Sun Burns split though it was not til late 2006 with Pure Negativism: In Allegiance With Self Wreckage, […]