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Nova Art – The 3rd Step EP

Wowsers, this is a pleasant surprise! Sporting a sound and musical approach that I never anticipated, Nova Art is back with their third release; an EP entitled The 3rd Step. The Russian band has been around for a dozen years but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Nova Art, let alone their […]

The Void – Vision of the Truth

I’m not a big Moonspell fan. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard they’re back in top form with their recent releases, but I still haven’t heard them. In fact, I never listened to the band back in their Wolfheart heyday, so I recently checked that one out – and was terribly bored by the whole thing. I […]

Saratan – The Cult of Vermin

Saratan are a modern thrash band hailing from Cracow, Poland, and The Cult of Vermin is their debut LP. I say “modern” because they don’t fit the mold of all the retro or “revival” bands that are coming out of the woodwork, and incorporate a fat dose of groove to their sound. While The Cult […]

Through Your Silence – Whispers to the Void

Through Your Silence is a metalcore/deathcore band from Italy. While not terrible at what they do, Whispers to the Void does little to change my mind about deathcore or offer up anything new. All the expected elements are here – chugging breakdowns, the occasional blast beat, Gothenburg melody, vocals that work as a balancing act […]

Ticket to Hell – Man Made Paradise

I wasn’t expecting much from Man Made Paradise coming in, as a name like Ticket to Hell is as cliché and generic as metal band names come. I thought for sure I was in for something cheesy and/or boring, but the second I pushed play, my jaw dropped and I was locked in. Man Made […]