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Naglfar – Cerekloth

To this day, I still absolutely love Naglfar’s first two albums and Vittra and Diabolical remain two of my very favorite 90s melodic black metal albums. And while 2003 Sheol was a worthy follow up, with the departure of vocalist Jens Ryden, the band fell into a bit of a rut with subsequent albums  Pariah, […]

Naglfar – Teras

Naglfar’s second album, Diabolical, is still one of the most successful ‘cold’ purchases I’ve ever made. And by cold, I don’t mean frosty black metal, although that obviously applies. No, in this case, I mean that I’d never heard the band before, and bought the album on a whim. This was back in 1999, the […]

Naglfar – Diabolical + Vittra Reissues

No you’re are not imagining things. Regain has Re-Re issued Naglfar’s two best albums and though 1995’s Vittra was already re-issued in 2001 (also on Regain) and 1998’s superb Diabolical was re-issued and re-mastered in 2002, here are those exact reissues, again. I’m not complaining thought as I get to review and gush about Diabolical, […]

Naglfar – Harvest

Here’s another one of the springs ‘big’ releases, and I was even more intrigued to hear this, in light of how impressed I was with former Naglfar member Jens Ryden’s solo project, Profundi and to simply see how Naglfar would respond with their second post Ryden album. Well. It’s a Naglfar album. It sounds a […]