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Withered Land – The Endless Journey

Do you like Summoning?  Do you llike long songs with epic orchestration over militant, mid-paced black metal with songs of ancient battles and distant lands played by a European duo? Do you wish Caladan Brood would hurry the fuck up and release a follow-up to Echoes of Battle? If you answered yes to any of […]

Marrasmieli – Between Land and Sky

From the label that brought you last year’s excellent Dauþuz album, Monvmentvm, comes the debut of Finnish trio Marrasmieli (‘death of the mind’) and you can go ahead and block a spot for your 2020 year end list, because this is going to be on it. This isn’t just a good album, or a great […]

Keys of Orthanc – Dush agh Golnauk

per the Lord of the Rings wiki compendium, Orthanc is the black tower of Isengard where resides the corrupt wizard, Sarumon.  Keys of Orthanc are an atmospheric black metal band whose identity is firmly obvious, belonging to a near endless metal museum wing of bands using the formative Tolkien universe for which to base their […]