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Dead Ranch – Brumination

Sometimes when reading reviews of more unusual, angular “sludge” records, I swear the only two bands people have heard and can use as points of reference are Baroness and Mastodon (High on Fire a close but distant third).  Hey, call a spade a spade if that’s what you hear but sometimes I feel that writers […]

Sofy Major – Idolize

Last year was a rough one for Sofy Major. They made a trip from France to the States to record Idolize at producer Andrew Schneider’s (Keelhaul, Cave In, Unsane) brand new studio in Brooklyn and tour. Unfortunately, their trip coincided with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy and the studio was wiped out just a few […]

Big Trouble in Little China – Diamond Cutter

I;m surprised how often I put a CD in my player and wonder how any group of musicians could listen to the finished product and say, “man, we really nailed it. That’s exactly what we were going for.” This is one of those moments. Big Trouble in Little China is the kind of three-chord rock […]