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Wintersoul – Frozen Storm Apocalypse

Considering the last CD I heard from Wisconsin’s Nokternal Hemizphear Records was a symphonic Christian black metal from Columbia―which ended up being pretty good―I was eager to hear how the label’s next offering, the debut from the UK’s Wintersoul would hold up… and it’s not too bad either! Not overtly or blatantly Christian (as far […]

Nephesh – Inter Armas Silent Leges

Though Christianity as elbowed its way into previously untouchable genres of music, black metal despite a few attempts (Lo-Ruhamah, Frost Like Ashes, Admonish, Horde, Crimson Moonlight, etc) has generally resisted ‘unblack’ metal Christian interjections. So how about some Christian, symphonic black metal from the depths of Colombia released on a brand new indie label based […]