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Novembre – Ursa

After nearly a decade of inactivity, Novembre are back with one of 2016’s most anticipated returns.  Ursa marks album number seven for the Italians and it wholeheartedly embraces everything that has made the band such a stylish international gem in the extreme metal universe. If you’ve adored the output from Carmelo Orlando and company over […]

Interview with Novembre

Since inception (from the ashes of Catacomb), Italy’s Novembre has defied convention and categorization. While the majority of its work can be filed under atmospheric death, the band, helmed by brothers Carmelo and Giuseppe Orlando, is much more than that. In fact, as early as 1997’s Arte Novecento Novembre ventured so far as to employ […]

Novembre – The Blue

Experimentation and innovative music must be delivered for success to prevail! Today’s metal fans will burry bands basically because of the flooded genre’s and repetitive rubbings left by uninspiring music. Though I am not as harsh as most onlookers I find it becoming harder and harder for me to get excited over new releases. Lots […]