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Desensitised – Virus of Violence

Though I have been pretty harsh on most of the Pathos Productions releases, due to the not quite as archaic sound of many of the labels releases, this debut album from Holland’s Desensitised is one of the labels better efforts. Though not purely old school-y, Virus of Violence is a chunky throwback European death metal […]

Embalmer – 13 Faces of Death

I honestly never saw the big deal with Embalmer. 3 ultra cult demos, then a ‘Best of..’ on Relapse Records back when death metal was a its very peak? Bug Whup. And apparently the rest of the metal world doesn’t see the big deal with them either seeing as they re-united in 2005 with little […]

Anoxia – Intense Killings

Hailing from Rhode Island (not to be confused with the UK Death metal act or the Danish heavy metal band), Anoxia deliver a pretty run of the mill but competent take on tight US brutal death metal.There’s nothing to get too excited about here unless your liable to really enjoy some slightly second tier Unique […]