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Embalmer – Emanations from the Crypt (Reissue)

Ohio’s Embalmer continues to be one of my top bands in all of death metal and with them recording their new album, for a 2020 release, I felt it befitting to review their 2016 release,  Emanations from the Crypt which recently was spit-shined, polished and vomited out with not only a remastering of the sound […]

Embalmer – Embalmed Alive

Ohio’s Embalmer are one of the longest running active death metal bands out there today.  Like all death metal bands that have been around for 20+ years there have been line-up changes along the way.  I’ve been an Embalmer fan since 1993 and have not looked back.  Throughout the years they have put out 2 […]

Embalmer – Emanations from the Crypt

Ohio’s grinding death maniacs, Embalmer have been around since the late 80’s. Obviously being around that long the band has had a revolving door of musicians throughout their 25+ years in existence. When I joined Internal Bleeding in ’94, I was introduced to Embalmer and they became one of my fave bands. Rick Fleming’s vocals […]

Interview With Embalmer

Embalmer is a brutal death metal band from Cleveland, Ohio that have been around since 1989. They have gone through band members coming and going, going on hiatus, but most of they are a major influence on the brutal U.S. death metal scene, as well as many overseas bands associated in this particular genre. When I joined Internal Bleeding, in 1994, their Rotting Remains demo became one of my favorite demos of all time. Beyond brutal, fantastically brutal vocals and just well played extreme underground death metal. Back in the 90’s we played with Embalmer many times live, and they were one of the heaviest and best brutal bands that I was fortunate enough to be on the same bill with them.

Embalmer – 13 Faces of Death

I honestly never saw the big deal with Embalmer. 3 ultra cult demos, then a ‘Best of..’ on Relapse Records back when death metal was a its very peak? Bug Whup. And apparently the rest of the metal world doesn’t see the big deal with them either seeing as they re-united in 2005 with little […]