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Sadistic Ritual – Edge of the Knife EP

  I have to be honest here, I had never heard Sadistic Ritual, and the only reason I gave them a listen was because the band’s newest EP, Edge of the Knife, is on Unspeakable Axe Records and I absolutely dug the shit out Trenchrot’s Necronomic Warfare album, released last year on Unspeakable Axe. Regardless […]

Boris Records 7″ Round Up: Sadistic Ritual, Spewtilator, Death of Kings, Morbid Slaughter, Hellgoat

Here are five 7 ” EPs from Atlanta based Boris Records and all three are rooted in denim and beer or Satan, being retro, old school thrash at their core with various elements of either death or black metal.   Up first is home grown thrashers,  Sadistic Ritual the label’s very own home town in Atlanta […]