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Nocturnes Mist – Diabolical Baptism

As I looked over the cover artwork for these Aussies, which I like, reminiscent of the great Chris Moyen (Abominant, Absu, Archgoat, Beherit, Goatlord etc) I sarcastically think to myself, “Uuuhm, I wonder what they will sound like?” First song “Hammer of Hatred” kicks in and it’s full on Marduk, meets Angelcorpse and I love it.  […]

Erebus Enthroned – Temple Under Hell

Australia is a scary fucking place. Not only does the country have some of the most dangerous animals on the planet, but it also is home to some really vicious Black Metal ( Bestial Warlust and Destroyer 666 to name just a couple), Erebus Enthroned could very well have moved into that company with Temple […]