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Sear Bliss – Letters From the Edge

Considering my love of all things symphonic, especially symphonic black metal and even more especially my love of French horns and brass, you’d think i’d be more aware of Hungary’s Sear Bliss. I have heard the name whispered on the lips of the elite  with 2004s Glory and Perdition often mentioned as a classic black […]

Sear Bliss – Eternal Recurrence

Viktor Scheer and András Nagy are the only holdovers from the last album. Viktor producing and András doing virtually everything else.Everything old is new again. Welcome back founding guitarists János Barbarics and Csaba Csejtei. János played on The Pagan Winter, Phantoms and Haunting, Csaba played on The Pagan Winter, Phantoms, Forsaken Symphony and Glory And […]

Sear Bliss – The Arcane Odyssey

This is Sear Bliss’ sixth full-length album and first on Candlelight. Extreme black metal with a classical flair. Once again produced by Viktor Scheer, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This time Viktor has gotten a deeper richer sound with more bottom end and the drums are much more resonant. The horns truly stand […]

Sear Bliss – Glory and Perdition

Sear Bliss, the pre-eminent Hungarian pagan black metal band, returns with their sixth cd release in their ten year history and fifth full length recording. Once again the album was produced by former guitarist Viktor Scheer. Many aspects of this album remain the same, though some things have changed. This is the first cover not […]

Sear Bliss – Forsaken Symphony

Depending on your circumstances this is either the first work you will see in two years or the second release of 2002 after a four year absence. Forsaken Symphony is the second Red Stream release of 2002, with Grand Destiny being the first. Red Stream re-released Grand Destiny because Nephiim Records went bankrupt shortly after […]