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Soulfly – Savages

Soulfly return with their 9th full length album and Max Cavalera has been in Soulfly now longer than when he was in Sepultura.  Boy time flys by so quickly and Soulfly, by and large release a new album every 2 years, although they did release Enslaved in 2012.  Savages is a pretty good album and […]

Soulfly – Omen

When Sepultura and Max Cavalera parted ways in 1996, fans were the ones who got the shaft. Instead of the thrash powerhouse we’d had up to that point, we got two mediocre acts that, while both having their moments, never came close to delivering anything with the power of Arise or Chaos A.D. Over the […]

Soulfly – Conquer

One of the most anticipated records of the year for me was Cavalera Conspiracy, reuniting Sepultura vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera and drummer Igor Cavalera. Though it’s been eclipsed in my mind by records released since, it was an outstanding effort, and I thought it would be tough for Max’s other band, Soulfly, to compete. So I […]