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Sólstafir – Köld

I only recently discovered Iceland’s Sólstafir, a band that I wish I had gotten to know earlier. Their previous album, 2005’s Masterpiece Of Bitterness became one of my all time favorite records as the band seemed to blend post-rock with their blackened heavy metal heritage flawlessly for a truly mind-expanding experience; sharing a similarity to […]

Saattue – Jäähyvästi

Finnish band Saattue (meaning Procession, in their native tongue) have certainly taken their time coming upon the scene. With two independent EP releases, in 2004 and 2006, their debut album Jäähyvästi (translated as Farewell) comes 7 years after the band first formed in 2001. Thank you, Spikefarm. Playing a tried and true form of Gothic […]

Noumena – Absence

I never heard this Finnish band’s debut Pride/Fall, but after hearing this excellent slab of melodic, melancholy Finnish death metal, I will certainly be digging it up. Culling from the usual Finnish suspects like Amorphis and Rapture, Noumena’s crunchy, deliberate pace laced with somber harmonies also will appeal to fans of Insomnium, Swallow the Sun […]