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Absence, The – Coffinized

Sometimes, if you get the opportunity, there’s nothing sweeter than doing something just because you friggin’ want to. For example (and I understand this is sorta an extreme one) – no one buys a vintage sports car because it’s practical, safe, or smart. No, you do it because you want a friggin’ vintage sports car! […]

Absence, The – Enemy Unbound

It’s this writer’s opinion that it’s time for more people to take notice of Florida’s The Absence. What we have here is an American band with a mostly Swedish sound (yeah, nothing new, I know), devoid of any “core” influence, that blows away nearly everyone, including the Swedes, and if I may be so bold, […]

Absence, The – Riders of the Plague

When a band comes right out the gate with a spectacular and critically acclaimed debut album, there tends to be a great pressure in bringing forth a worthy follow up. Most bands crumple under that pressure and release a lackluster album, then either split up or spend a great deal of time trying to recreate […]