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Ruins of Beverast, The – The Thule Grimoires

It can be so easy to fall into a rut when it comes to discovering new music. You get comfortable in a certain lane, start seeking out a particular style of music, and next thing you know it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy where everything new you check out just ends up sounding really familiar, like you’re […]

Ruins of Beverast, The – Blood Vaults – The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer (Cryptae Sanguinum – Evangelium Flagrans Henrici Institoris)

Full disclosure: My history with the now decade-old, German, one-man, black/doom project known as The Ruins of Beverast extends back a whopping 5 months. Why I didn’t investigate something that’s right up my musical alley much earlier is another one of life’s many mysteries, but once the brilliant new track, “Malefica,” hit YouTube on April […]

Ruins of Beverast, The – Rain Upon the Impure

From the ashes of Germany’s Nagelfar comes The Ruins of Beverast, a project originating in 2003. Rain Upon the Impure is the second cd. For a time period of one hour and twenty minutes you can commiserate with Alexander in a maelstrom of doom black metal. Long songs, fuzzy guitars, droning synths, and hypnotic drums […]