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Throne of Katarsis – Helvette/ Det Iskalde Morket

Learn the Old Ways, pass them on, oral tradition was strong in the north in the old days. Throne of Katarsis carries on the tradition, continues telling the tales, songs inspired by the old masters. Can I call them that if most of them are younger than me? In the oral tradition individual storytellers adapted […]

Throne of Katarsis – An Eternal Dark Horizon

Standing amid a sea of dreamers, I occasionally encounter one that rises above the floodwaters and proves their worth emphatically. I came across Throne of Katarsis because of Einherjer. Stein Sund left and formed Thundra along with ex-Enslaved drummer Harald Helgeson and Thor Erik “Grimnisse” Helgesen. Grimnisse then formed Throne of Katarsis. An Eternal Dark […]