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Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation

You know home in some sports and other contests there is a USA vs the World? Well, if we did that for deathcore, despite a valiant effort from the likes of Enterprise Earth, Rings of Saturn, Shadow of Intent, Fit For and Autopsy and Oceano (and negative points from Suicide Silence) , the rest of the world […]

Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War

Hate, the 2012 second album from these Aussie deathcore mongers, was a solid slab of techy modern deathcore/death metal, that grew on me a little bit as time wore on. And now, three years later it appears the hopes of deathcore have been but on TAIM and Holy War as the genre seems to be in a […]

Thy Art is Murder – Infinite Death EP

Look out, deathcore is now even in Australia. Admitted, its getting silly now. How many more bands, hold on, let me stress that, HOW MANY MORE bands will keep writing and writing these songs? Seriously? Well I don’t know, and you can call me crazy, but for some reason unbeknown to me, I keep listening […]