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Thy Art is Murder – Infinite Death EP

Look out, deathcore is now even in Australia. Admitted, its getting silly now. How many more bands, hold on, let me stress that, HOW MANY MORE bands will keep writing and writing these songs? Seriously? Well I don’t know, and you can call me crazy, but for some reason unbeknown to me, I keep listening […]

Gallows for Grace – A Process for the Destruction of Tomorrow EP

Aussie deathcore Part 2,  actually, this could even be the same review as Gallows for Grace, like their Australian brethren (and brothers in crime) Thy Art is Murder, play shredding, gruff deathcore, with plenty of chug, grunts and blazing Paul Waggoner wannabe runs to make lads and lasses in their asphyxiating garments cream until the […]

Loyal to the Grave – Still Climbin, Still Believin

And guess what? Still listening. I won’t make this a secret, this was in my top 10 back when it was originally released in 2006, it still gets a lot of play and it will continue to get a lot of play until their next record drops, even more so with this re-issue with added […]