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Trail of Tears – Existentia

I really enjoyed this Norwegian extreme Goth outfit’s last record, Free Fall Into Fear, but for some reason Existentia is not hitting me with the same impact. Whether it is the stripped down line-up, the slightly more mid paced, less varied and more Gothic material, or just rather ‘meh’ songs, something is just missing. The […]

Trail of Tears – Free Fall into Fear

Wow, this is good. Formerly known as Natt, a gothic metal band with female vocals, this Norwegian band is now a far more impressive beast with a darkly progressive and avant-garde black metal lean that imbues visions of Arcturus, Solefald and Lunaris.The first thing you notice when “Joyless Trance of Winter” fires up is the […]

Trail of Tears – Profoundemonium

It may seem somewhat trendy, but I really dig this “goth metal” genre. I love the blending of the ambient keyboards with the heavy guitars. I also dig the combination of deathy vocal growls and operatic female vocals. One reason I find myself being drawn to this style, is that the music produced by such […]