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Trigger the Bloodshed – The Great Depression

So here is album number two from the UK’s Trigger the Bloodshed who along with the likes of Sarpanitum, Detrimentium, Man Must Die (and since, Ignominious Incarceration) have recently resurrected the British death metal scene and with a slight line- up change, Trigger the Bloodshed remain as technical and visceral as the debut. Of course […]

Trigger the Bloodshed – Purgation

Adding to Metal Blade’s fine 2008 death metal releases like Hail of Bullets, Hate Eternal, Brain Drill and The Rotted comes this low key artwork and logo clad, out of nowhere, debut release from the UK’s Trigger the Bloodshed. While the likes of Mithras, Spearhead, Man Must Die, Detrimentium and Sarpanitum have slowly exhumed the […]