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Adversary – Singularity

Virginia (mainly Richmond) has shown to be a hotbed for modern American metal and has rendered some superior bands over the years. Gwar, Lamb of God, and Municipal Waste are just a few who have erupted out of this area and made quite a name for themselves. Newcomers Adversary, the latest spewed from Manassas Virginia, […]

Too Pure To Die – Confess

 Are you ready for this? You better be, because it’s going to be a massacre. Whilst I firmly believe reviews should never be a platform to launch personal diatribes against an artist, I have to admit that its going to be hard to not bitterly lay into Too pure to die here. Not just because […]

Walls of Jericho – The American Dream

I know I’ll upset a lot of thrash purists by saying this but, for me, the fourth album from Detroit’s Walls of Jericho, despite the bands early metallic hardcore, Crisis wanna be sound, actually has more in common with the current thrash revival than anything else. Sure, they are still fronted by the female Jamey […]

Soldiers – End of Days

Trustkill and hardcore. That’s got to be a joke right? Well apparently not. In fact it seems that when everyone’s former ‘favourite,’ label isn’t releasing garbage by too many bad bands to name they are unearthing the odd gem, although this is becoming scarcer and scarcer as the years pass on by. Having said that, […]

Walls of Jericho – With Devils Amongst Us All

Is it bad that I want to see who would win in a fight/make out session between Walls of Jericho’s Candace Kucsulain and Bloodlined Calligraphy’s Ally French? Anyways, arguably Kucsulain is one of the most venomous female mouths in modern metal and it appears that the band, with their third album, is on par with […]

Bleeding Through – The Truth

First thing’s first; great cover.Now, I really wanted to like Bleeding Through’s third album. I really wanted it to be a huge middle finger to metalheads that look down on Bleeding Through with disdain and I wanted The Truth to remove Bleeding Through from the hated Hotopicore trifecta that also includes Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu. […]

Throwdown – Together, Forever, United DVD

Orange County straightedge bruisers Throwdown have been filming themselves since their first ever show. Now, all of the footage has been artfully edited and interlaced with interviews to chronicle the band’s history in typical Jackass meets Behind the Music fashion. With footage from their first 1999 tour, Warped Tour in 2003, European and Australian tours, […]

Walls of Jericho – All Hail the Dead

I distinctly remember not being that impressed with the debut album The Bound Feed the Gagged from this Michigan quintet, but also sharing the sentiment of the Teeth of the Divine writer that reviewed that album in thinking “I’ve not heard the last from this lot.” And here they are with album number 2, and it’s a […]