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Ugly, The – Thanatology

Stockholm’s The Ugly are back with album number three and follow up to 2015s decent Decreation. Not much has changed as the band still has ties to Marduk (whose Fredrik Widigs plays drums and the mastering/mixing was handled by guitarist Devo), and thusly the sound shows it with a frosty, razor sharp, slightly melodic take on blistering black […]

C.B Murdoc – Here be Dragons

I am at the time of this review a junior studying zoology at a smallish university. It was a toss-up between that, physics and chemistry, but I suck at math…so not really a toss-up. Point being I like the scientific method. A lot. So I decided, upon receiving this album for review, to do an […]

Sectu – Nefarious

Unfortunately, the third album from Sweden’s Sectu (formerly known as Cimmerian Dome) is liable to get crushed and unrecognized in 2014 stellar tech death releases, which is a shame as it’s a damn fine release in its own right and if you are looking for some tech death with a little more old school and organic feel, […]

Diabolical – The Gallery of Bleeding Art

Neither as influential as country mates In Flames, Dark Tranquillity Dismember and such and not as prolific as the likes of second tier acts like Centinex, Sweden’s Diabolical has been on the periphery of Sweden’s melodic death metal elite for over a decade now, with only two acceptable but hardly groundbreaking albums in 2001’s Synergy […]